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Digital Forensics

While electronic and digital technologies provide limitless benefits for business, computers and other digital devices present unique challenges as sources of valuable evidence in the discovery process. It simply doesn’t work anymore to rely on old methods with these new technologies. The ever-growing realm of digital forensics requires unique knowledge and skills for investigating and analyzing the digital evidence that is critical for winning cases versus settling.


REPLEC’s forensic specialists combine diverse technology backgrounds and legal experience to manage every facet of forensic data recovery in complex litigation cases. We coordinate the identification, acquisition, preservation, analysis and documentation of electronically stored data in proceedings that range from intellectual property theft to cybercrimes to criminal investigations. Our proven techniques increase the efficiency and accuracy of the digital investigation process, without altering or compromising fragile digital information.
REPLEC’s comprehensive litigation support solution uncovers and collects digital evidence that can include:

  • Standard directory files 

  • Hidden files 

  • Deleted files 

  • E-mail 

  • Deleted e-mail 

  • Passwords 

  • Logs 

  • Login IDs 

  • Password-protected files 

  • Temporary files 

  • Encrypted files 

  • Web site histories 

  • Searches performed 

  • Cookies 

  • Network traces

  • Time stamp information

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