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Electronic Discovery (EDD)


We partner with our clients to help them enable visibility and control of electronically stored information (ESI) for faster early case assessments; lower processing costs; and reduced review workload. By allowing REPLEC to organize and present your electronic data, our clients reduce their overall case management costs, and increase productivity.
In modern litigation, corporations and legal firms need tools to manage and maneuver through all types of documents, both electronically stored information (ESI) and paper-based materials. REPLEC provides the eDiscovery best practices and technologies necessary to level the playing field between these two mediums, allowing our clients to assess their cases quickly and accurately, saving time and money.


Our electronic data discovery capabilities are unparalleled in the industry. REPLEC helps you realize a substantial return on your investment through unique intelligent analysis, unique processing, accurate searching, innovative culling tools, and productive review systems.
Our eDiscovery capabilities include:


  • Evidence extraction from a variety of electronic data sources including emails, reports and spreadsheets

  • Data conversion to images and/or text in any desired format

  • File conversion and database creation services

  • TIFF, native file and hybrid delivery 

  • Index documents and files for increased visibility and organization 

  • Ability to search on words, phrases, concepts and document attributes to quickly find relevant information 

  • Processing capabilities exceed 10 million pages per week

 70 Years of Accumulated Practice

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