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Specialized litigation support services for law firms and corporate legal departments

100% employee- and minority-owned, with 100% woman ownership.

REPLEC provides complete, specialized litigation support services for law firms and corporate legal departments in the Las Vegas, Henderson and Boulder City metropolitan areas. Our professional and reliable staff understands the support needs of litigation professionals. This means timing, quality, cost, and trust are key attributes we strive to perfect within our company and daily operations. We will do almost anything to ensure your total satisfaction and project success.


What distinguishes us from the competition is our commitment to providing the best quality output with the highest level of customer service, all while maintaining competitive pricing and exceptional value.

The role of litigation support has evolved and so has the need for services across various industries. In addition to law firms and corporate counsel, the insurance, financial, education, gaming, convention, and medical industries all have particular needs for electronic and paper document management. From the fallout of a financial crisis to protecting sensitive patient or student data, time-stressed legal professionals from all sectors face complex information management challenges. REPLEC's extensive experience, technical expertise, project management and legal knowledge delivers on all levels to all industries with an innovative, customized, consultative-based solution to every challenge.

Introducing our law firm

Our Business Sectors

Electronic Discovery (EDD)

We partner with our clients to help them enable visibility and control of electronically stored information (ESI) for faster early case assessments; lower processing costs; and reduced review workload. By allowing REPLEC to organize and present your electronic data, our clients reduce their overall case management costs, and increase productivity.

Electronic Document Imaging

One of our core competencies is our ability to manage all facets of the conversion of paper documents to electronic formats. We have a combined 70+ years of experience and can help you with tasks as simple as scanning a few boxes of documents to PDF, to complex tasks such as coding/categorization, reorganization, OCR and indexing, and databasing.

Digital Forensics

While electronic and digital technologies provide limitless benefits for business, computers and other digital devices present unique challenges as sources of valuable evidence in the discovery process. It simply doesn’t work anymore to rely on old methods with these new technologies.

"We strive to provide cost-effective, high quality litigation support."

"We truly believe that the relationships we build between our customers and our employees are the true cornerstones of our success."

News & Updates of REPLEC

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